Optimized Pay Per Click

With Tentail, you'll be creating the most efficient campaigns possible by targeting keywords and ad groups directly from your inventory (products, listings, leads, etc). Go Green with your ad budget, stop wasting clicks. Tentail is for advertisers, all types of advertisers. It’s super powerful, but very easy to use. We think you'll love it.

Simple to Use & Powerful

Campaigns can be setup in minutes with our intuitive 3-Step process. These campaigns are created with Ad Group Templates and Keyword Libraries which can generate thousands of ads based on your actual inventory. Your inventory could be eCommerce products or any other type of listing. For example: vacation rentals, automobiles...any listing.

It's Automatic

Since we're always connected to your inventory, you're ads will be updated as soon as that inventory changes. This means when you change a price, the price in the ad is updated. When you add new products, new ads are created for those particular products. And when you sell out of something, or discontinue items, those ads are automatically paused.

Magento Integration

Tentail accepts Inventory Feeds from any platform, eCommerce or not. We've created a direct integration to Magento, our favorite eCommerce platform. With a few simple steps, your store will be connected to the Tentail platform allowing you to launch your first campaign in minutes. This direct integration makes it even easier to keep your online advertising up to date.

Ad Campaigns Manage Themselves With Tentail
  • Tentail Feeds

    Yes, we're completely integrated to Magento, but you can create a feed from any ecommerce site to use with Tentail. Once you create your feed, you can upload it, or setup ftp to have it delivered to us daily.

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  • 3 Step Campaign Builds

    3 Easy Steps for building thousands of adgroups, seriously, it's that easy. You simply create an inventory profile, a campaign, and then an ad group template. This can all be done in less than 5 minutes.

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  • Tentail for Magento

    Tentail has released a Magento extension which allows you to connect your store's inventory to our platform, this allows for easy updates for price, inventory, attributes, and more.

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  • Performance Dashboard

    Easy to use Dashboard allows you to navigate from Inventory Profiles to Campaigns to track performance of all your ads. We track new and existing publisher data from Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.

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See what others are saying about Tentail
"With Tentail, we've been able to rapidly deploy thousands of adgroups specifically targeted towards shoppers searching bras in color and size. This would have been impossible to do on our own. We're able to update prices automatically as well. Amazing!"
Ruth Brennan President, BitsofLace.com
"We've been using Tentail for our used car campaigns. Our Internet Sales have been increasing ever since. When we get new cars on the lot, their ads are created automatically with Tentail, it's almost too easy."
Wayne Ussery Director Internet Marketing, Jim Ellis Automotive

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